Always In-Stock and Available

At Canada Sanigel, we specialize in premium hand sanitizers in a variety of formulas, including gel, liquid, scented and unscented options. 

What sets Canada Sanigel apart from the competition?

Our Hand Sanitizers are all Made in Canada and are always in-stock or are quickly available.

Canada Sanigel is organized with high volume orders capacity.

Our Hand Sanitizers all follow the most strict safety standards set by Health Canada and FDA.

Flexible bulk and wholesale options to suit a range of customers.

Made using only secure proven Food Grade Formulas approved by Health Canada.

Service and Safety you can depend on

Since our inception in 2020, we have consistently supported our clients nationwide in a breadth of industries through every step of the ordering, manufacturing, labelling and shipping processes. With hand sanitizer recalls in the news on a near-weekly basis, we understand your compliance concerns and are dedicated to producing hand sanitizers that are as safe as they are effective. We use a slightly lower percentage of food-grade ethyl alcohol instead of industrial or technical-grade alcohol, which is a known carcinogen. With honed aeration and mixing techniques, we’ve also eliminated that all-too-familiar chemical sanitizer smell. Explore our hand sanitizer products or view our product safety data sheets.

When you white label our products

Canada Sanigel will help you with:

  • Verifying and classifying as an NHP with the Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada.
  • Designing high-quality Health Canada-compliant product labels.
  • Filing NHP product license applications, including in electronic product license application format.
  • Helping you respond to questions from Health Canada regarding your application.
  • Preparing ingredient issue forms as well as the required safety and efficacy reports for your products.
  • Preparing and filing amendments to your application.

NPN filing support for hand sanitizers

As a natural health product (NHP), all hand sanitizer sold in Canada is subject to NHP regulations. Any company manufacturing, importing, packaging or labelling hand sanitizer for sale in Canada must meet these regulations. When a hand sanitizer product is approved for sale by Health Canada, you will receive an natural product number (NPN) licence with a unique eight-digit identifier that enables you to sell the product in Canada.