Our fast, reliable services can help you reach your end consumers in the global pandemic marketplace.

Why partner with Canada Sanigel?

Are you a Canadian, American or International supplier, distributor, manufacturer or retailer involved in the distribution of hand sanitizers and PPE? We recognize that a sale is never complete until a consumer purchases a product. That’s why we are committed to ensuring the movement of hand sanitizer and PPE products so they’ll never collect dust on warehouse shelves. We’re proud to offer:

A counterfeit-free distribution channel

Strong relationships with manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Innovative, customer-driven solutions

Product packaging, warehousing and promotional services

Complete logistical and marketing support

A robust, nationwide sales force to accelerate product launch success

Regulatory filling services

Canada Sanigel has built and continues to maintain relationships with Canadian, American and International partners to ensure our ability to offer the most extensive marketplace reach for hand sanitizer and PPE products.