Fragranced hand sanitizer

As one of the leading Canadian manufacturers of fragranced hand sanitizers, Ontario-based Canada Sanigel offers products that fit into consumers daily lives.

Fragranced hand sanitizers fulfill consumer expectations of pandemic safety while also providing style and comfort. 

We understand the power of scent and its ability to evoke an emotional connection, which is why we aim to enrich the lives of everyone who uses our products. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality fragranced hand sanitizer approved for sale by Health Canada.

Scented hand sanitizers your employees and customers will love

  • Fragranced products in lavender, lemon and aloe vera
  • Food grade ethyl alcohol eliminates an overwhelming scent
  • Aeration and mixing methods diminish chemical smells
  • Moisturizing gel option with added vitamin E
  • Fast drying, non-sticky hand sanitizer formulas

Health Canada NPN information for our current scented hand sanitizer formulas:

  • 80102951 – 70% Gel Hand Sanitizer w/ Vitamin E Unscented
  • 80104106 – 70% Gel Hand Sanitizer w/ Fragrance
  • 80104511 – 75% Liquid Hand Sanitizer w/ Fragrance

Contact our team to learn more or fill out a request form to begin placing your volume, bulk or wholesale scented hand sanitizer order.

Hand Sanitizers that you will love

Our creative team has tremendous imagination and foresight and weaves science, lifestyle, and current trends together to create amazing fragrances that elevate our customers above their competition.