Drum Pump for 200L Containers



These PP (Polypropylene) plastic NX 200 drum pumps offer a wide chemical resistance range, making them suitable to dispense hazardous products; various pH cleaning chemicals, chlorine based products, oils and fertilisers, and crop chemicals. The NX 200 litre drum pump features only 2 moving parts and delivers a low pressure at the nozzle to ensure an even distribution of the liquid is dispensed with ease. Furthermore the new ‘closed loop’ dispensing system ensures full safety during dispensing of hazardous or aggressive chemicals.

The NX 200 is suitable for 100 to 200 litre containers and dispenses approximately 400ml per stroke. The pump gives a continuous flow and dipsenses on the up and the down stroke. It is also an ideal AdBlue pump, DEF pump and is EPA compliant.


This pump is the ideal hand pump for applications where powered pumps cannot be used or where product is dispensed only occasionally. Will pump from 200 litre (55 gallon) containers.

The specification retains all the features of the range:

  • 100% PP (Polypropylene) construction for maximum chemical resistance
  • continuous flow (dispenses on up and down stroke)
  • easy – flow / low effort to operate
  • dispenses high viscosity materials

Dose Range: 100-150ml per stroke

Closure Options:
To fit to any 20 litre to 25 litre / 4-5 gallon containers.
8 fittings available.

Colour Options: None

Comes on a squid of 4 units. Minimum quantity per order: 04

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 150 × 30 × 30 cm


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