General Purpose Trigger Sprayer. Quality sprayer for general purpose applications. Ergonomic design, comfortable, value priced. Trigger has textured grip. 28/400 mm neck finish.

Minimum quantity: 100 units


Unique trigger sprayer designed to suit all gardening needs; being solvent resistant trigger sprayer, it is able to dispense the most aggressive chemicals without corrosion occurring. Having an adjustable fine mist to jet stream option makes this pump suitable for watering various plant pots. The hanging design shroud also allows the pump to be easily stored, saving space.


Dose Range: 0.80 ml – 1.20 ml

Closure Options:
28/400, 28/410

Colour Options: Coloured options available on request

Extras: Stream or Fine Mist options available


Dose range
1 – 2 ml
Container size
250 ml – 1 litre
Container size
1 – 5 litre

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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